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About Me

i am a light and a healer. i offer encouragement and spiritual support. 

i hold a BA in psychology with a particular focus on positive psychology and the psychology of flow.  i have completed over 200 hours of yoga teacher training with specialized certifications in prenatal and accessible yoga.

i strongly believe in shaping my offerings in a way that works directly toward the liberation of all folks. i don't want to be doing this work if it is not fully accessible, anti-racist, trans-feminist, and actively working toward dismantling all systems of oppression. as of july 2020, i pledge to donate 11% of all my proceeds to organizations that are fighting this same fight. i also offer sliding scale financial assistance to all those who need it as well as discounted rates for BIPOC.

my connection and relationship to the essence of joy is my greatest gift.

i've lived a million lives in this one and each rebirth has brought me closer and closer to the trueness of my nature.


i am honored to be doing this work.


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