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My Approach

my approach is intuitive, transpersonal, inclusive, and holistic.

i believe you are already whole.

i want to be your mirror. let me reflect back to you all of your light. my focus is to lovingly guide you closer to your center, so that you can remember your own unique and sacred magic. i'm not here to demystify or solve your life because mystery a profound teacher. i seek to reframe your discomfort as powerful medicine that is calling you home.

all of my offerings are a form of ritual. in each one, we slow down to address what is awakening within. through breath and meditation, we quiet the noise of our mind and become present to receive what has always been intended for us.

your soul already knows. it already holds your deepest wisdom. the soul is our purest, realest essence. it is what longs to rise, to radiate. when we learn to trust our relationship with spirit, an undeniable shift occurs. 

whether through a yoga class, a moon circle, or a deep dive into the tarot of your soul, i will offer spiritual support to you as i guide you to realign, to dust off the surface of your resilience, to come back home to your magnificent self.  

you belong, you are magic, you are light. you are the healer.

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