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A Little About Me

I'm a mother, a seeker, a hope-keeper, a hype person. A true-to-form Sagittarius, I'm always a student and sometimes a teacher. I have a ferocious sense of curiosity, a deep reverence for this incredible life we get to live in these bodies, and a passion for helping others feel lovingly witnessed. 

When I look back at all the women I've been, there is a throughline worth mentioning: JOY.

Joy is the thread that has woven itself into all chapters of my life- even the parts that were feckless. (And honey, there are definitely parts that were feckless.) The thing about joy is that it doesn't need "perfect" conditions to arise and flow through us. 

As an adhd girlie, I am multi-disciplinary and have pursued hundreds of hours of study and education in many areas that sparked some sense of deeper vitality within me. 

You may have heard me refer to *magic* a time or two. It is another thread of this work that I cannot escape. When we slow down and allow ourselves to drop in, we are bathed in magic. Magic is the beauty of the mystery. It is real and it is everywhere. I spent many years of life in the camp of pessimism and learned helplessness. I spent entire chapters of my life resisting, ignoring, or actively fighting against my body. The direction of our attention is one of our most valuable superpowers. This whole life of ours is a homecoming. One that never stops calling us back to belonging. No matter how hard we try to run, the magic of presence is always right here. All of it: it's already right here. Every ounce of power, every moment of peace, every bit of agency, every healing breath that we will ever have isn't in some imaginary future. It is right now. My work is to help you remember this. 

Life is a neverending expansion, you are always unfolding. 

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My Approach
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