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Kristin Rand


Hello love. I am so happy you landed here. ❤︎

I provide joyful and holistic 1:1 & group containers to offer support as you navigate the unfolding of your life with an awakened heart.  

You'll find embodiment and ease as you expand your ability to hold the full and luminous truth of who you are. 

The magic you seek is real. It is all around you and it is within you too. 

What I Do (with great joy!)

One on One Sessions
  • Light-infused tarot and astrology sessions
  • Private yoga & meditation
  • Energy attunement & integration sessions
Full Spectrum Birthwork
  • Fertility support
  • Birth Doula
  • Postpartum Doula
Group Containers
  • Monthly New Moon Circles
  • Yoga classes & workshops
  • Ceremony
  • Retreats

I am a witness. I am here for those who are waking up to deeper levels of emotion, sensation, and awareness. I hold space for those who are birthing new ways of being. Whatever it is that you're currently carrying, whatever is emerging within you- I want to offer warmth and support.  I use several modalities to help connect and anchor you to a true grounded and loving presence.


When we get present, we drop beneath all the stories. We expand beyond who we think we are. We weave our hearts into something bigger. We realize we don't have to wish that anything was different. This is radical and transpersonal work.

My approach is infused with elements of somatic embodiment, nervous system regulation, cosmological magic, and an earth-centered worldview.  I use my studies in psychology and Buddhist and yogic philosophy as well as esoteric languages like the tarot and humanistic astrology to help you remember that you belong here. This work is inherently spiritual, it is deconstructionist, and it aims to empower you to show up for yourself and your world.


I like to think of what I do as dusting the surface of your magic. Your unique light has always been there but when we work together, we will just give it our compassionate attention and breathe new life onto the sacred ember you carry.


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Say hi!

I work in the Magic City of Birmingham, Alabama but offer virtual services to my beautiful clients around the globe! I would love to hear from you.  If you have any questions about which of my offerings might be best for you right now, please reach out. ❤︎

How Can I Support You?

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Thank you. I love you!

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