Kristin Rand 

tarot. yoga. soul work.

intuitively and spiritually guided sessions that use the cards as invitations to bring you closer to your center and to your highest wisdom.

yoga begins with the breath and breath is accessible to all bodies. if you can breathe, yoga is for you. 

gathering as a collective to honor the lunar cycle, these circles offer a shared and held space for healing, renewal, and expansion.

My Approach

i joyfully guide open-hearted light beams toward remembering their own unique magic. we dial down the noise of the mind and begin to listen to our spirit instead. soul centered tarot and yoga are meant for every one and they both seek to reconnect each person to the same divine place within: their intuition, their highest self, their truth. 

you belong, you are magic, you are light. you are the healer.

About me

i'm a mother, a soul tarot reader, an empath, a yogi, and a stand up comedian. i have followed every calling that tugs at my spirit and it has brought me here.

Kristin is truly magical. Right off the bat I felt deeply connected. Her authentic style as a connector to the spirit world was so refreshing. From the moment she checked in and started to guide me, I felt deeply confirmed. 



located in the magic city

birmingham, al


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